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Offline filtration

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PNEUMOIDRAULICA ENGINEERING has a “Service Division” with personnel trained to intervene for on-site technical assistance activity and has a special mobile equipment for a high efficiency flushing and filtration of the hydraulic fluids used in Oil & Gas command and control systems. This equipment allows to operate with no need to stop the plant, through an off-line system operating autonomously. All the operational staff is constantly trained both in the technical and normative, in particular for the work in construction sites subject to the Legislative Decree no. 624/96 (mine sites) and in hazardous areas. Special care is given to the management of all the security documentation and PPE equipment. Click here for more information

Features of the standard equipment:

  • Small and light
  • Electric or pneumatic operated
  • Suitable to operate in potentially explosive areas (Atex)
  • Filtration degree: 3 micron absolute (solid) / 100-150 ppm (water)

PNEUMOIDRAULICA ENGINEERING also designs and realizes customized systems for the use with hydraulic fluids in different executions:

  • Analysis of contamination
  • Pressure Multipliers (booster) hydraulic or pneumatic operated
  • Test benches for pressure tests (up to 10.000 bar)

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