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Custom-made components

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PNEUMOIDRAULICA ENGINEERING designs and realizes various types of pneumatic and hydraulic components for the application in many fields, in particular for Oil & Gas. With over than 20 years of experience we are able to develop a new component starting from the effectives technical needs of the customer. Thanks to an innovative 3D printer, the study of the prototype is done in a short time at a very low cost. On request, the components can be customized with the customer logo.

Some products realized:

  • Filter in AISI 316 s.s. for oxygen (machines for laser cutting)
  • Filter in sintered AISI316 s.s. (sampling systems)
  • PTFE Filter (sampling systems)
  • PTFE Flowmeter (sampling systems)
  • Vacuum pump in AISI316 s.s. (sampling systems)
  • Sampling probe in AISI316 s.s. (sampling systems)
  • Manual 6-way valve in AISI316 s.s. (sampling systems)
  • Excess flow valve in AISI316 s.s. (CNG dispensers for vehicles)
  • Aluminium Sub-base ISO 3 in increased capacity execution (glass machines IS)
  • Spool for servo-valve with seals for wear compensation (glass machines IS)
  • Cyclic Relay 4-way (adsorption dryers logic)
  • Fusible plug (Helicopter cooling system)
  • On/off slide valve in AISI316 s.s. (pneumatic actuators)
  • Pneumatic timer in AISI316 (wellheads control)
  • Pneumatic indicator in AISI316 s.s. (wellhead control)
  • Hydraulic indicator in AISI316 s.s. (wellhead control)
  • Pneumatic level switch in AISI316 s.s. (wellhead control)
  • Pneumatic pressure pilot in AISI316 s.s. (wellhead control)
  • Hydraulic pressure pilot in AISI316 s.s. (wellhead control)
  • Off-line oil filtration system in EEx execution (wellhead control)

Reference Rules:

  • ATEX - IECEx
  • PED
  • CE
  • ASME