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Actuators control

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PNEUMOIDRAULICA ENGINEERING designs, manufactures and installs many kinds of actuator control systems, pneumatic or hydraulic, for the normal operation and the safety of the plants in Oil & Gas field. Those systems are equipped with electric, pneumatic and hydraulic circuits suitable for the control of the actuators moving the relevant valves. The control can be of on/off type (open/close) or proportional based on the signal received from the control room (pneumatic or electric). It is also available a system with “Partial Stroke” test device, manual or automatic, for application in HIPPS systems.

Standard features:

  • Components layout carefully studied to facilitate the control, checking and maintenance operations
  • Executions in AISI316 stainless steel (even varnished)
  • Arrangement in cabinet IP55 or on plate at sight
  • Maximum pressure 420 bar (6,000 PSI)
  • Double ferrule compression fittings
  • Imperial or Inch Tubing (according to ASTM A-269)
  • Hydro-pneumatic accumulators (bladder-type or piston) or pneumatic tanks to ensure emergency manoeuvres even in case of main power failure
  • Local and remote control via interface with PCL / DCS / SCADA / RTU
  • EEx-ia / EEx-d executions
  • Fusible plugs network management (pneumatic or hydraulic)
  • Manual, pneumatic, hydraulic, electric ESD (Emergency Shut-Down)
  • Manual, pneumatic, hydraulic, electric PSD (Process Shut-Down)
  • Safety components in SIL2 grade according to IEC 61508:2010
  • Nameplates and documentation in Italian or English
  • Certification according to PED / ASME / ATEX / IECEx

Special features:

  • Media: Nitrogen
  • Very low power consumption for use with photovoltaic panels (green technology)
  • Installation in severe climate conditions (very low/very high temperatures, desert zones, etc.)
  • Cabinet IP65
  • Manual or automatic “partial stroke” device
  • ≤ 3 seconds operation time (for HIPPS valves)
  • Compatibility with hydraulic fluids water / glycol based
  • Separated skids for accumulators / tanks
  • Pressure up to 690 bar (10,000 PSI)
  • Application in presence of H2S (NACE MR01-75)
  • Nameplates and documentation in different languages (Russian, Arabic, etc.)
  • Executions according to Rules Norsok
  • Testing Officiated and Certification on customer request
  • Safety components in SIL3 grade accoding to IEC61508:2010

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